Climate and Temperatures

Sardinia shows, all over the island, a typical mediterranean, mild climate even during winter.

The Capital City Cagliari, for example, has got the highest average temperatures during winter in whole Italy.  Along the coast, where most of the inhabitants live, the winter period is, thanks to the sea influence, very mild and temperatures fell rarely down under zero degrees.On the contrary, the summer months are quite often hot and dry, but they are always windy. Sometimes blows just a light breeze without which it would be difficult to tolerate the summer days with more than 30 °C.The most beautiful period in which it is worth to spend an active holiday is, without any doubt, spring with a lot of sunny days, rarely rain and temperatures, that can also reach 24 °C during the day.Inside the central territories, despite the distance from the sea, we have a mediterranean climate, but during the winters temperatures are a little bit lower and the summers are hotter.During winter it also snows inside the mountaineous regions and between December and mid March the thermometer shows temperatures under zero degrees. On the other side summer months in these areas allow you to enjoy the cool mornings and the fresh evenings.Those, who do not fear some rainfalls, could plan their active holiday also during the winter months. Heavy, short rainfalls with following sunshines and average midday temperatures up to 18 °C  are not rare along the coast and in the South part of the island.