Flora and Fauna in Sardinia

Sardinian environment

is a change between complex mountaineous regions, mediterranean vegetation, woods, ponds, tumultous mountain torrent that create canyons and waterfalls, long sandy beaches and steep rugged rocks to the sea. 10% of the surface is made of limestone and interesting caves, precipices, coombes, subsurface lakes, sources, as the one of Su Gologone near to Oliena and Su Marmuri in Ulassai. Anywhere on the island there are rocks shaped by the winds, similar to nice sculptures, as the bear close to Palau, the elephant near Castelsardo, the mushroom of Arzachena and Sa Conca in Nuoro on the Monte Ortobene. Sardinia has got furthermore 2 regional parks, 60 nature reserves, 19 natural monuments, 16 high interesting natural areas and 5 nature WWF oasis.The mediterranean flora in Sardinia is made essentially of evergreen woods with cork trees,  holm oaks and chestnuts, but also bushes as the strawberry tree,  the mastix, the junipers, wild olive trees, myrtle, heather, broom, rosemary, spurge and more.Sardinias fauna shows above all very rare kind of animals, that can be seldom found  or even do not exist in the other European areas. Among the mammals we mention the moufflon, the Sardinian deer, the boar, the wild horses on the plateaus, the white donkey.  But very common are also the white cat and the Sardinian bat. Among the predators we remember the queen's hawk, the imperial eagle and the Griffon Volture.