Sardinia - General Information

Sardinia, an island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea,

was since ancient times a destination chosen by lots of foreigners. The Egyptians called this sea the "wide green" and we can also say that Sardinia, thanks to its natural, cultural and faunistic richness was always called a little continent. During ancient times, the island was visited by Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans and today you can visit lots of remains from those people inside the archaeological sites, but the true testimony of Sardinian history was and is nowadays the worldwide unique nuragic period. Indeed the "Nuraghi" or their remains are present only in Sardinia. They are typical, conic constructions made of basalt stones and dated in the period between 1800 and 300 B.C.  About 20.000 remains, more or less well preserved, are to be found on the whole island. One of the best kown and UNESCO world heritage since 1997 is "Su Nuraxi" in Barumini.They tell, between myth and legend, that the sea people, the Shardana, as the ancient Sardinians were called, travelled all around inside the Mediterranean sea. They were expert seamen and warriors and were on duty at the Egyptian Pharaoes and travelled different times to the island Sardinia. They even tell, that the isle could be the mythic Atlantis, overflood and emersed again out of the sea.Sardinia was over and over reigned by foreign people: Vandals, Byzantines, Aragons etc. and finally the royal family Savoia. 1861 the island was finally merged to the Italian Kingdom.

The island has an extension of  24.000 square kilometers  (330 km between North and South and 125 km between East and West) and there are 1.847 km coastline. Thanks to only  1.600.000 inhabitants you meet a lot of wild areas, where you have the feeling that  nobody has ever been there. Ideal destination for any kind of holiday: gastronomic, cultural and historical tours, active holidays including trekking or biking, both for beginners, families and experts. And for sure Sardinia is the ideal destination for the classic summer holidays to relax or to combine relax with watersport.Thanks to the mild climate you can chose Sardinia for your holiday all year round.