Hotel Miramare Cagliari

The Hotel Miramare is an exclusive Hotel situated on the second floor of the marvellous, ancient Palazzo Devoto, one of the impressive manor-houses of the end of the 19th century situated in the central Via Roma in Cagliari.

The small Hotel Miramare is a construction with charme. It has got 18 rooms and 4 suites, all with television, air conditioning, satellite channels, private bathroom and phone. The Hotel Miramare offers a lovely view on the harbour and the sea. Its position, inside the heart of the quarter Marina, a typical one of Cagliari, contains the main gastronomic focus of the Capital City. There you will find guesthouses, taverns, elegant restaurants and true temples for gourmandisserie, as well as artisan shops, art galleries and shops with a large choice of Sardinian products.The rooms inside the Hotel Miramare are elegant and set up with original  beginning 20 th century furniture. They were also planned for travellers, who are looking for impressive and elegant accommodation. Each room is dedicated to a judge, who reigned during the middle ages the independent isle. Inside the hotel, you can admire a small greenhouse with orchids, a unique place in which tropical and endemic, Sardinian orchids grow facing each other.

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